Write the city to protest the Development Application

We have a new challenge before us: the owner’s Development Application. We feel this is a flawed document, does not represent the facts, and violates the spirit and the letter of civic bylaws designed to protect exactly this kind of heritage, community space. This application must not be approved, and your public pressure is more important than ever!

You can read the Application here.

Here is the Coalition’s official response which was sent to the city planner, the mayor and council.


Contact City of Vancouver Project Coordinator, Lizette Berdahl with your reasons why you disapprove of the Application.

Click here to create a blank email pre-addressed to the the city’s project coordinator, the mayor, and all councillors – plus a CC copy to us so we will have a record of your awesome letter!

If the above link doesn’t work, simply copy the following block of text and paste it into your email program’s “to” field:

lizette.berdahl@vancouver.ca, gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca, clraffleck@vancouver.ca, clrball@vancouver.ca, clrcarr@vancouver.ca, clrdeal@vancouver.ca, clrjang@vancouver.ca, clrlouie@vancouver.ca, clrmeggs@vancouver.ca, clrreimer@vancouver.ca, clrstevenson@vancouver.ca, clrtang@vancouver.ca, savethehollywoodtheater@gmail.com

Need some writing inspiration? Here’s a top-level summary of the key points in our letter:

  • The development as outlined will destroy the cultural value of the Hollywood to the community
  • it shows no regard for impact upon liveability and environmental quality of the neighbourhood
  • it violates the stated goals of a green city by destroying a viable existing venue
  • it eliminates a landmark feature and cultural/community space that contributes to the economic activity of the neighbourhood
  • there is no wording to address how new signage will be dealt with and to ensure even the outside is protected properly
  • the change of use being requested, from “theatre” to “fitness centre”, eliminates a precious cultural space and negatively affects local business (including health clubs) by the addition of a U.S. chain center
  • the owner is understood to have received numerous offers for tenancy in the space, despite the application stating the opposite.

Besides our official response, here is another letter sent by a local resident – feel free to use it for inspiration and example in composing your own.

We’ve been advised that the number and quality of letters that arrive in the next few days will make a difference – even though the official (and absurdly short) deadline for public feedback was the 19th. Please get your letter in by Friday the 22nd. 

Thank you!


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