We need your voice this Wednesday!


We need to have a HUGE showing of support to Save the Hollywood on Wednesday.

YOU can make a big difference to the fate of this community landmark by:

  • Getting on the speaker’s list for this meeting; and
  • Calling personally (not just by e-mail) your friends, family and fellow supporters of the Hollywood and urging them to also get on the speaker’s list

Register to speak by contacting Tina Hildebrandt, Meeting Coordinator. Call 604.873.7268 or register by email.

(Clicking the email link above will also send a copy of your message to us so we can keep tabs on how many speakers are registering.)

Podium-shy? Don’t worry! You only need to say one sentence to qualify as a speaker. Plus, if you wish to make a longer statement we have some notes and pointers to help you feel prepared and confident.

Time frame: The item we’re speaking to is eighth on the agenda list and we’ve been told it will not come up until around 2 pm. You can watch the online broadcast to see when you should head for City Hall. Or, contact us and we can advise you with a phone, text or email.

Thanks so much for your support so far. It’s made a big difference. We’re working hard on multiple fronts to keep the iconic Hollywood as a vital, heritage community and cultural space. We’re talking to renters, finding purchasers (found three so far), and putting together a business plan. But the pieces of our solution aren’t all in place just yet, and this Wednesday, we need you more than ever.

That’s when a report on Heritage will be presented at City Council. A council majority made the delivery of this report a keystone goal of the current 75-day moratorium protecting the theatre.

Many of the actions proposed in the Heritage Report will probably do little to help save the Hollywood Theatre as they apply to Heritage generally. But there are some specific actions that can make a difference in both the short and long term and we need you to come to support these actions if the retention of the Hollywood is to become viable.

We hope to see you, and a friend or three, on Wednesday to HELP SAVE THE HOLLYWOOD!


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