Where we stand now, and how you can help

Thanks to your overwhelming turnout at our public meeting, your signing of the petition by the thousands, your letters, and your large numbers coming out to speak at City Hall, we have made great progress. We are now in discussion with both City Hall and with the owner of the Hollywoood.

We hope that these talks will lead to a successful saving of our precious Hollywood Theatre.

However, we know that the more reminders of support by the public that City hall receives over the next short while, the greater our chance of succeeding.

How can you help?

1. Write the Mayor and Council and ask two things

a) Save the Hollywood Theatre as a multi-purpose community and cultural space; and
b) Don’t pass the Development Permit application for a Fitness Centre while we are in the process of working to save the Hollywood.

2. Sign the petition.

3. Volunteer. Share your skills with our campaign by helping us on our various committees to keep the campaign going forward. With ongoing tasks including composing a business plan, contacting community and arts groups, maintaining mailing lists, and more, we need a wide range of skills.

Please do keep in mind though, that since we have such overwhelming support, we may have more people offering a particular skill than we can use at any one time. If that happens, we will keep your offer on file and get right back to you when and if things change.

We may need canvassers at some point (either door-to-door or on the street). Please let us know if you are interested in helping us with this.

4. Send in a letter of support from your community and cultural organizations to City Hall and cc it to us at savethehollywoodtheater@gmail.com.

5. Other creative suggestions or ideas are always welcome.

Thanks again for your continuing help and support!

Mel Lehan and Adam Abrams
Volunteer Coordinators,
Save the Hollywood Theatre Coalition


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