The Hollywood needs your help – urge council to extend the protection order

The current protection order securing the Hollywood Theatre expires on January 20. But more time is needed while communication continues between the owner, council and the Community to come up with a suitable plan. City Council can only extend the order via a special meeting, which needs to be agreed to ASAP.

Could you please write a letter like this below to the Mayor and City Council and send it as soon as possible?

Please ask your friends on Facebook and social media too. Politicians react to public pressure. Your role is important.

Act today, and help us save the Hollywood Theatre!

Suggested letter

To Vancouver Mayor and City Council

As a supporter of the “Save the Hollywood Theatre Coalition”, I am asking the City to extend its protection order for 45 more days from the original protection order. This order protects the exterior and interior of the Hollywood and will give more time needed for communication between the owner, council and the Community to come up with a suitable plan for the Hollywood. We urge City Council to call a special meeting to extend the protection order before it expires on January 20, 2014.

Yours Truly

[Your name]

Click here to create a blank email pre-addressed to the the city’s project coordinator, the mayor, and all councillors – plus a CC copy to us so we will have a record of your letter.

If the above link doesn’t work, simply copy the following block of text and paste it into your email program’s “to” field:,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you so much for your help,
Save the Hollywood Theatre Coalition


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